Rain Calendar

Rain-Calendar (レイン歴, also called RC for short) is the calendar which is established based on years after the birth of Rain Silves. Due to this, years B.C.E. in Tal are considered to be before her birth.

Approx. 20 Rain-Calendar

Under Rain's forces, the whole Northern region is unified. At that time, Zyn suddenly had left from Rain's side. Then, Shigu's directional reign would begin to face gradual changes from this as [...]

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Approx. 18 Rain-Calendar

Soon enough, Rain would become known as "General Rain, the Savior", she would govern the Shigu which was well on it's way to becoming a Kingdom onto itself. Her fort [...]

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Approx. 16 Rain-Calendar

As Rain continued her journeys across the Northern regions, aiding the poor and guiding them through her leadership, the Shigu lands had already developed and become a small country with specific ambitions [...]

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Approx. 12 Rain-Calendar

Rain, who had previously left her hometown and disappeared into the forest, had returned. She rose as a powerful leader, uniting all the villages within Tatla. Afterward, she had embarked [...]

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First Year of Rain-Calendar

Rain Silves was born to a poor village located on the edge of the primeval forests in the Tatla Desert. She would eventually become known as General Rain. Comic Episode of [...]

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~Several Hundred Years B.C.E.

Chief Events: Encounter of Southern Sergals and Agudners, Founding the origin of Gold Ring, Determination of the official race name of Agudners and Sergals. A part of the ancient Agur (precursors to the modern Agudners) left their villages [...]

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Approx. ~120 B.C.E.

Chief Events: Ancestors of Eastern Sergals originated, Founded the origin of Reono. Part of the Sergals who had migrated south moved to settle in the vicinity of the Eastern mountain ranges. They mingled jointly with [...]

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Prior to 1,000 B.C.E.

Chief Events: Ancestors of Southern Sergals originated by Northern Sergals migrators. A portion of the Sieg (precursors to the modern Sergals) in the North began to migrate south. This group wandered as nomads in the southern deserts, living in [...]

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