More friends of Bakku and Elica appear! On their way to the ocean shrine, they pass by a sergal and agudner they recognize. This little agudner boy in particular is quite the naughty little kiddie, climbing up high and jumping about carelessly — much to Elica’s frustration. Why would he think that Bakku and Elica were a couple, despite the fact that they are of a different race? This is because sergals and agudners dating each other and having joint families together is a very common aspect to their culture — especially in the city of Gold Ring. Although sergals and agudners cannot have children together due to their biological differences, they simply do not care and allow love to blossom freely. This cultural trait is built upon the long history both races share together, having spent so much of their time collaborating and living together as harmonious partners. Then again, at least for the case of Bakku and Elica, they seem to be just friends. Though it would seem that the cheeky Bakku isn’t terribly opposed to the idea of going out on a date with the lovely Elica!