The Mole Digger tribe members have begun to exhibit a complex and contradictory state in their memory due to the prolonged exposure to the inner workings of the Talyxian Biome. Their memories begin to fall apart or get mixed in with each other, a fine line between one memory and the next. This state makes them confuse and second guess their own memory. They are unable to identify whether it is true or not, who was actually there, etc.

When a tribe member muses “they are within our body” regarding the missing tribe member, they are potentially revealing an explanation as to why they can seemingly be remembered yet also forgotten. Such a belief is based on their tribal knowledge and faith, as explained and mentioned on page 32.

Within this situation, tribe members have begun to consider a reluctantly optimistic form of hope. One such example includes the following line of dialog: “well, at least it is good their soul remains within us…”, referring to how everyone returns back to the “Shell”, the invisible essence that makes up the entire tribe’s collective souls. This concept was previously explained by Coju.</url=”https:>