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Fuzzball’s high pitched cry resounds amidst the forest and across the distance, catching the attention of a young Sergal that happened to be passing nearby. They are accompanied by a creature of their own, the rare and illusive Talyxian-Wolf, a being of holy stature amongst the traditional northern folk. The Sergal remarks to themselves — potentially to their Associator as well — that the echoing cry is that of a child’s.

Meanwhile, as the tribe members are seemingly backed up against a wall, the Housepecker dips its head inside of the grotto and begins to vomit out its slimy, inner membrane which resembles a bunch of intestines dumped onto the ground. The mass begins to rapidly expand and crawl across surfaces, taking root within the ground like threaded veins.

The slimy pile makes its way towards the tribe members, Little Weaver urges everyone to escape from this horrible place while being overcome with fear. As the muddy and slimy membranes draw near the children, they begin to transfigure into Talyxian moles!