The agudner family continues to ride in the carriage. Ekay, the older brother and young adult, sits in the storage bed with his younger brother Pekk. Their father minds the Talyxian horse reins up front, steering the carriage with a sure hand. He is an artisan, whose trade and livelihood requires him to travel from town to town, bringing his sons with him wherever he goes.

Astute observers may have spotted the cute little sergal plush that belongs to Pekk. While it may seem unusual that an agudner child would play with a doll of a different race, agudners and sergals get along very well, and cohabitate in many communities, the most famous being the city of Gold Ring. In fact, many agudners are envious and enchanted by sergals and their physical ability. So, it’s no wonder that a sergal plush has captivated little Pekk.