Little Chatter throws a stone into a colony of needle leeches to see if they were active and dangerous. Detecting the intruding object, the needle leeches respond by exploding out their signature syringe-like spikes. This confirms to Little Chatter and his friends that the Talyxian creatures are indeed active and dangerous, much to their dismay.

Considering the great risks involved with traipsing around these deadly living booby traps, Little Black-ears suggests they move on to check another place they know about. However, he is reminded that the alternative is even more risky than their current situation: Hexnose Forest.

Hexnose Forest is a hazardous area that can have lasting effects on any who dare to enter its borders. As its name would suggest, trespassers are assaulted by a type of miasma or similar toxin that attacks through the nose, causing confusion and memory distortion.

As the local air is breathed in, the victim’s olfactory senses are severely impacted, and memory begins to become impaired. Prolonged exposure will lead to a state of enfeebling confusion and bewilderment, making any encounter with hostile wildlife incredibly dangerous. While this affect is usually temporary and fades once returned to fresh air, an extreme amount of exposure can lead to permanent impairment to memory.

After considering what exploring such a deathly would entail, Little Black-ears decides that it would be better to stay and scout among the needle leeches.