While the twelve plainwalkers - ten Mole-Digger Tribe sergals and two agudners - are escaping to take refuge, Ekay asks Little Oracle about where will they will go. Little Oracle tells him that they are going to the place they last set up camp at. But, this place is near the dangerous Hexnose Forest.

As comic page 56 mentioned, the Hexnose Forest is a hazardous Talyxian biome that assaults trespassers with a type of miasma or similar airborne toxin that attacks through the nose. This strange affliction causes olfactory confusion and memory distortion. These impairments can make victims lose their sense of direction and become hopefully lost… and vulnerable to attack.

But, if Little Oracle is correct, the miasma is a double-edged sword that may affect predatory creatures as well. Thus, when the threat of the impending creature is dangerous enough, passing through this forest may be a slightly advantageous choice over simply traveling the normal road. But will these risks be worth the reward?