While the twelve plainswalkers are making their way on the road to Hexnose Forest, one of the Mole-Digger Tribe members named Little Lefty, a former twin, suddenly hangs their head sheepishly. As Kiki’s previous Patreon update mentioned, Little Lefty is originally part of a twin duo, “Little Lefty” and “Little Righty”.

Sadly, Little Righty had passed away some time ago, leaving Little Lefty to be a lone sibling. Perhaps the journey had sparked a memory in Little Lefty, giving rise to them showing signs of fear, apprehension, and sadness. However, a kind-hearted tribe member helps them up and offers an encouraging reminder that Little Lefty is not alone.

Meanwhile, Little Grass-tail, known for their rich and grass-like tail tip, is giving Little Fuzzball a piggyback ride and instructs the others to walk slower as they approach Hexnose forest. Because the hazardous miasma from Hexnose Forest works by being inhaled, the sergals have figured out that the slower the rate of breathing, the less impact it will have on them. Therefore, their slowed pace will minimize their exposure to the miasma to make their journey as safe as possible.

As the troupe continues their hike, a rather unusual tree comes into view. Little Grass-tail identifies the strange plant, informing the others that it is a Hexnose tree. It is now clear that they have reached the border to the Hexnose Forest, and will soon be under its mind-bending influence.