Little Grass-Tail asks Little Baldy if they are able to guide them through the alternate forest. Little Baldy answers that they indeed can find their way back by looking at the appearance of the Talyxian plants around them as a way to ‘read’ the way to the Forest Navel.

Meanwhile, Little Oracle takes a moment to inspect a sample of the curved U-shaped tubular grass. Looking at the cross-section, they compare it to a sample of the straight-shaped taken from before they were shifted by the bubble.

While the outer shape of the grass is different, the inner structure looks identical. Little Oracle believes this to mean that they have not traveled far — the deeper they venture, the stranger the flora and fauna around them will get.

Between Little Baldy’s way of reading the trees, Little Grass-Tail’s way of intuitively “sensing” the way back, and Little Oracle’s theory of the vegetation, they now have a way of navigating to the Forest Navel.