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The size comparison between Ono the Agudner and her Talyxian dog. Ono on the right and her dog on the left.

Ono (オノ) is one of the characters who will appear on original canon stories.

An Agudner lady who lives in the outskirts of Gold Ring, along the Salt Road, located strictly in the Sailzane.


She works as a general observer of Magoe and Lower Magoe, as a member of the "Red Gardeners", which is the organization in Gold Ring whom she belongs to.

She is very familiar with living beings and has the "Red Gardeners License: Special Class" which is proof of her being part of the national certificated researchers.

She is authorized to perform all sorts of tasks such as capture, hunting, improvement, and breeding of Talyxian creatures.

She is an introverted person, keeping mostly to herself and preferring to be alone. However, she does have various and wide ranges of hobbies, such as carving, sculpting and rearing Talyxian plants in her very own vegetable garden.

She usually tends to live freely as she likes, but sometimes she is called into the city area when tough matters arise regarding Talyxians.

Her dog

A Talyxian Dog which Ono owns.

Originally, they are a stray dog but now act as her property.

They have the strong blood of a Working type dog, featuring quite a large-sized body and fierce strength.

They work on observation and hunting alongside her, acting as a good faithful partner whilst helping around with their ability to sense threats as well as sometimes helping out with hauling goods around.

Sometimes, they've even managed to help out people who have fallen down on the streets and rescue them, a very important work task which they can fulfill.

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