A free reference sheet of Sergals, containing just the Safe-For-Work art from The Sergal Reference Guide (link). And there are just only designs, is not including the information and details. But, as for canon description, each related articles of Sergals on Vilous Wiki (link) has enough information for them. If you head to Wiki, it is a good time for learning about what can their physical features work to. And you will be the expert of Sergals with a lot of knowledge on their lore!

For those who prefer a brief introduction;

Northern: With the longest history and most primitive culture, Northern Sergals lead a tribal lifestyle among the Tal’s native forested areas of the North. Cowardly and easily led, due to their strong awe for natural surroundings. Have cold colors fur, facing eyes, and larger than their Southern cousins although are not as muscular. No outward differences between sexes are apparent. – The “purest” of Northern Sergals have kept their original gray and white color scheme.

The main article on Wiki: http://vilous.net/wiki/Northern_Sergals

Southern: Living a more cultured and civilized lifestyle with a strong connection to the Agudners, mainly in Gold Ring. Have warm colors fur, and smaller and more slender in stature. They show more “human-like” proportion, not only clothes. Sex differences don’t differ on biological feature, but culture are more apparent with females often having a more “feminine” fashion and behavior. – The aristocratic Sergals of Gold Ring central area are only “purest” Southern Sergals, they have kept their traditional brown fur and extremely small build due to continuing a inbreeding and incest among aristocratic families.

The main article on Wiki: http://vilous.net/wiki/Southern_Sergals

Eastern: A genetic mix of their Northern and Southern relatives. Have deep colors fur, and the largest and most heavily muscled of Sergals. They live in Eastern Reono lands and Southern Gold Ring also. Culturally similar to the Southerners, they do not share the Northerners fear of their natural environment due to their superior hunting techniques. They also share their Southern neighbors’ connection to the Agudners.

The main article on Wiki: http://vilous.net/wiki/Eastern_Sergals

Western: A subspecies of the Northern sergals. Have intermediate colors fur based on Northerners color pallet, and slender body. Few in number, they lived near the Nevrea lands and shared culture related to clean and beautiful things with the Native Nevreans. They were almost destroyed due to the genocide in western lands by Shigu, approx the year 28 in Rain-Calendar. See Also: The Festival in Northwest (FA link) – A very few survivors are living in Gold Ring with Southern people.

The main article on Wiki: http://vilous.net/wiki/Western_Sergals

They can show various expressions! Primitive Sergals and rural Sergals such as Northerners and some of Easterners emote more like animals, while those native to civilized areas develop a more complex personality and show a wider range of emotions and expressions. Their fur has a straightforward two-tone color pattern like that of a shark or many earthly mammals. Additional patterning such as stripes or spots is not common. In rare cases, however, some are patterned and civilized Sergals such as Southern and Eastern Sergals can choose to dye their fur in flashy, vivid, exotic colors. Thus, there are multifarious color patterns in urban areas via postnatal fur-dyeing. You can find a scene that shows how do they dye their fur with skillful Agudners, at this!: One Sergal at Agudner’s fur-dyeing shop (FA link)

Their “mane” extending down the back of the neck corresponds to their hair. There’s a lot of variation with hair fashion. There may be adornments attached to it, bangs may be made by bringing some to the front, hair ties are used, etc. It means that they can make themselves like Bach, Super Saiyan, or other something in hair fashions! XD

Summary of difference between Guide and Free Sheet:
Guide – There are canon description and genitalia info, it can work to completely understanding for sergals, so easy and fast.
Free Sheet – No canon description and genitalia info, it is for an only correct design, but can’t find the full, detailed and colored genitalia reference. And there’s a need to go to find the info at Vilous Wiki’s plural articles if want to know the lore.

Then please consider again buying Guide for easiest learning, or taking your some time on Wiki for your deep love to Sergals! 🙂