Sailzane Region is a project that was undertaken in December 2018 to create the best virtual representation of Vilous Gold Ring in Second Life. The initiative was supported by and supplanted what was once known as Narismiral Village; a Sergal inspired village created by Krysune in late 2013. Sailzane Region features the front face of the massive Gold Ring building that is scaled to three-eighth the estimated size, the Gold Ring marketplace that also doubles as residential rentals in a Japanese like fashion and is also home to a few well known establishments such as a brothel titled Jade Judda, a Cafe, small candy shop, and food court. The region created and managed by Krysune and NueFox is open to the public for everyone to experience and learn about Vilous with various info boards placed around the simulator.

You can visit their twitter Narismiral or website for a glimpse into the virtual Gold Ring of Sailzane with more info and links to their related channels!