In two words — I am a freelance artist, passionate about my work! I spend all of my current time and resources on commercial art and projects.
What more could an artist, loving art in all forms, dream of?

…But let me tell you about the Excruciating Pain of a creator, who has long-living and beloved personal projects, but is bind hand and foot by work!
About all the moments, when idea or image hits suddenly, you instantly grab a pencil and a sketchbook but – hold it!  You stop. Inhale, exhale. Make a short note in the sketchbook as a reminder for the future and put it aside to get back to work ) Needless to say, this specific “future” is so rare to come!..

So what Headworld are we talking about?

First and foremost, it is Raekterrna, a semi-futuristic, fantasy/ sci-fi world.
Raekterrna in general is a dualistic world with two layers of reality co-existing and interacting with each other: Maol realm and material world.
An aether star, Numen, is shining over it and aether permeates the world’s whole existence and all the living beings, residing on Raekterrna.

Aether is a world energy, while Maol realm is a “metaphysical” layer of the world which, in its turn, has its own layered structure.
Maol realm and aether are commonly associated with spiritual aspects, parapsychology and supernatural phenomena — yet, in fact, Maol is a space that exists within the laws of physics. While much of this knowledge remains a theory (similar to our multiverse concept) in Laurem’s scientific circles it’s consistently classified as a sub-dimension.

Still, the townsfolk often regard aether as “magic,” but its influence is much broader: it is not only fuel and cause of supernatural (in our perception) phenomena, actions or beings, but is also associated with the notorious bio fields, energy of different areas of the material world, and etc. Thanks to aether, many phenomena, that would be considered fiction or scientifically not proven on Earth, are a part of common everyday life on Raekterrna.

Maol is a realm for the metaphysical beings, commonly referred to as maol dwellers or maobytes.
One of the most notable of them are Animas, a class of symbiotic aether creatures. It’s common for them to form connection with human partners and give them specific abilities in exchange for first hand experiences and information of the tangible world, as well as an opportunity to further explore the intricacies of anima-human relations and many other things. Animas are also using this information later to shape the image of Maol realm.

Similarly to people, each individual anima has own personality and experience, but at the same time they are like scientists, reformers and informers of Maol.

For people of Raekterrna, existence of Maol & its inhabitats and laws of aether is a common knowledge that was long ago implicated into their culture, religion and overall mindset. 

Aside from Raekterrna, there is also a young fantasy world Mekiyah, home of Lungaroux, mekiyan harpies, dragon people and the curse of Saroh…

…and, of course, my personal characters of the Vilous universe, sci-fi/fantasy world created by  Mick39 & Kiki-UMA — Gaeddar (featured by his short name in one of the official Vilous manga stories), Alba and others who live in my heart but which I never had an opportunity to get featured yet.