Hello! With today’s Intermission Art, I would like to share this hot and juicy lore that is made public from Vilous canon creator Kiki-UMA’s Patreon, with her lovely artwork!

Generally, the contents of Vilous Concept in Kiki’s Patreon can be released publicly a month after publishing. However, our team is always working on a lot of tasks so the timing of publishing depends on how busy the team is and how much time they have. Sorry for late publishing, but please understand that the Vilous team is entirely volunteers and they work with just their good faith for Vilous and fans while using their own time!

Now the Shigu foods lore is published in the Vilous wiki! Here is the dense canon lore of Northern Shigu and their food, as well as lore surrounding each category of food which are more detailed and inseparable from Northern culture!

You can read more about Shigu Diet here.

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