We can see the friends have reached the Gold Ring Arena! The sights, the smells, all the excitement! The entrance area is full of booths selling souvenirs and food to customers, and at the top of the main stairs you can see two towering statues of Sergals guarding the arena.

Speaking of smells, Bakku sees a booth selling Goldringers. Turning to his friends, he mentions that he has been gifted money by his uncle. We can see that his uncle is very kind and thoughtful, giving extra money to treat Bakku and his friends.

Bakku purchases a set of four buns from the booth clerk. Bearing their snacks, Bakku and the others join the line to enter the arena with the rest of the crowd.

Further description of the Goldringer from Vilous wiki: In Gold Ring, there is a specialty dessert named “Goldringer” that is similar to baumkuchen. It is frequently used in celebrations and as souvenirs, with its purpose spanning from something treated like a party favor to something like a street food. In appearance, the buns usually have a hole in the center, but there is also a variety without one. Instead, it imitates the salt lake ColVilous by having a crater in the center and is filled with a blue jam.