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$5+ Patreon members, see the HD version here! Ekay looks back at the Forest, growing ever more distant in the horizon. He muses in a rather poetic fashion to himself that [...]

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Ekay begins to converse with the mysterious sergal child, desperately rattling off a serious of questions about where the sergal is from and if they have seen his brother Pekk. Somewhat typical [...]

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Falling to his feet, Ekay despairs for his lost brother. But refusing to give up, he gathers his will to continue on. Suddenly, he notices the shadow of a person [...]

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Ekay continues to look for his brother Pekk, extending his search into the surrounding foliage. Leaving the relative protection of the open road, he subjects himself to several cuts and [...]

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Having lost sight of Pekk, Ekay begins calling out for his younger brother, desperate to find him. However, Pekk doesn't appear.

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Ekay's father holds a stamp seal, handing it to Ekay. This is a relic (heirloom, artifact, masterpiece) of his mother's handiwork. The seal is carved from a T-Associator wolf's horn, making [...]

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With the rope gone and nothing more to support the carriage, it topples to its side once again with a dull thud. Realizing there isn't enough rope left to make [...]

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Ekay and his father have completed their survey of the wreckage, and are ready to set about righting the overturned carriage. Their plan: to rig up a pulley system and [...]

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Ekay and his father survey their overturned carriage. With their cow sitting quietly in the grass nearby, the father reassures his son and takes a closer look at the road [...]

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