With the rope gone and nothing more to support the carriage, it topples to its side once again with a dull thud. Realizing there isn’t enough rope left to make a second attempt, Ekay’s father sighs and moves on to the next logical step.

As it’s incredibly dangerous to stay in one place in the wild Talyxian biomes, the only option left is to split up. Ekay and Pekk are instructed to gather up what they need to survive a multiple-day hike to their destination. Meanwhile, their father would remain to salvage the carriage and construct a cart that will carry as much of their tools and supplies as he can recover.

Their father reasons that since he would have the aid of the T-Urchin cow to pull his makeshift cart, he should catch up with his boys before they reach the village. But if not all works out as he hopes — as their current series of luck implies it won’t — he asks his sons to enlist the help of the villagers to come back and rescue him.

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