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Little Oracle cries out in desperation to the voice, asking of their comrades’ whereabouts. The mysterious Abyss replies back in a somewhat ambiguous format that they have not died, as if to indicate that they are in fact safe, in a manner of speaking.

Little Black-Ears chimes in as well, wanting to know why the voice doing all of these things to them, then demanding their friends to be brought back.

However, the voice replies back yet again with a murky answer to their question. Unbeknownst to them — and as meta-knowledge to us readers — the voice responds that the deaths of their fellow tribe members served to fulfil a greater purpose. This purpose tracks back all the way down to the Eltus Ancestors times and the catastrophe that unfolded, as well as the attempt to save them from extinction.

In order for the Eltus to be preserved, they had to undergo significant changes. This method bestowed upon them by the Talyxians allows them to experience times of old either as a means of preserving those past, or to provide future generations with a warning. Should they repeat the mistakes of the past, they will suffer a similar, horrible fate…

The group gathers around the entity and pleads to be released back to their world, with Little weaver cradling Fuzzball in their arms. Meanwhile, a fungus-like webbing is seen creeping up and across Pekk’s body, threatening to consume him.