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Little Oracle faces an agonizing mental dilemma, their momentary inability to decide upon whether or not to take up the offer presented to them by the Mysterious Voice… They muse over how they would wish to be free of fears in the presence of their fellow tribe members, as their hand pierces through the veil and grasps at Little Grass-tail’s hand.

Without seemingly noticing, Little Oracle is pulled inwards and into an embrace. Little Grass-tail extends an apology for not being strong enough to save them from the Housepecker and be by their side.

Little Grass-tail goes on to explain that this new world is different from all the others they have been to so far and that they must go. But first, Little Oracle has but a few more moments to make their decision.

As the rest of the tribe members look upon the events unfolding before their eyes in momentary awe, a teary-eyed Little Oracle has chosen their fate.

They want to go with Little Grass-tail into other world.