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After Little Oracle made their choice to go with Little Grass-tail into another world, their body began to lose integrity and decompose itself gradually, before completely disappearing.

The remaining members had no choice other than to watch in utter shock, as their comrade decayed before their very eyes, instilling both a sense of fear and awe from the other side of the veil.

The Mysterious Voice continues to talk to the rest of the members. It now seems to be suggesting another option which the members may choose: a passageway is offered, in order for them to wake up from this nightmare they find themselves in, should they choose.

However, this does not bode well given all that has happened so far. Will this choice actually help the remaining members of the tribe, or is it another attempt at something else? Mayhap a different method of preying upon them?

As Little Black-Ears looks down at the floor, a mysterious light is slowly being emitted from the other side. However, thinking swiftly, Ekay warns Little Black-Ears to stop looking at the light, placing his hands on their shoulder in order to attract their attention.