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Morose and stricken with grief in his eyes, Ekay looks up from the ground and towards the unnamed Sergal, still grasping Fuzzball in his arms and cradling them safely. He mutters thankful words to their saviour, to which the unnamed one reacts with almost shock and disbelief at the notion. 

The Sergal begins to explain to the two, that they were in-fact survivors, the act of living throughout insurmountable odds and the horrors of the Forest for such a long time, on their lonesome, should not be boiled down towards a would-be-saviour which just happened to be there at the right time and place. 

Their words resonate with Ekay, sending him onto a slow realization spiral and causing him to remember the words of his father from once upon a time. Ekay’s father explained to him that they are all capable of saving people with their works, however, the act of saving people proves to be a monumentally difficult task, due to the underlying risks associated with travel, the Talyxian forests and various dangers surrounding them.