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Ekay comes to the realization that he has done everything humanly possible in his limits after remembering his fathers words. The unnamed Sergal, firmly acknowledges this, and motions that Ekay and Little Fuzzball should join them in their travels, in order to move forward, both from the current situation and of the hardships endured thus far.

The weary Agudner boy looks upward, the trees which once sprouted forth from Pekk, now blossom and rustle in full bloom, with the bright powder floating downwards. As Ekay extends his hand staring at the flakes falling down, he remembers and mentions that they were headed in Adzma’s direction.

The unnamed Sergal then points towards their destination and states that they are probably headed towards the same place as Ekay. Not only that, but that Zyn themselves seem to be their guiding compass amidst the entirety of this