Ekay’s talkative sergal friend begins to talk to the huddled group of sergals. One of them reveals that they suddenly got a “chilling” sensation — a nearly sixth sense that can best be described as an unpleasant feeling of coldness in the atmosphere that surrounds the body, foretelling of danger lurking nearby. This is a good example of the natural “sixth sense” that sergals often exhibit.

One of the sergal children asks who the strange new person is. Ekay introduces himself and explains that he’s looking for his brother. His chatty companion adds that he found Ekay in the “Cottonroll Woods” — the forest filled with the “silkspinner” Talyxian creatures that were responsible for the spider’s silk-like webbing. One of the little sergals calls out “cotton fluff!” upon hearing it mentioned.

Meanwhile, a few of the other children make a variety of simple animalistic sounds, including some short kitten-like mewing sounds. While this may seem new, sergals have been shown by Mick in the past to have made cat-like sounds, along with the more commonly known fox “yips/yaps” and deer-like “yiiigh” sounds.