While munching on his snack, Pekk takes a book from the table and begins to read aloud. However, his clumsy childish pronunciation gives away the fact that he wasn’t truly reading from the book, as he is still learning how to read. Unable to decipher the text on his own yet wanting to impress his brother, he tries to pretend to read, reciting from memory the tale he remembers from a prior reading by his older brother Ekay.

Noticing his younger brother wasn’t actually reading the book about the Western Forest, Ekay chuckles and hands over the correct book. Slightly embarrassed, Pekk realizes that he was actually reading from a book about mages — people, usually sergals, who allegedly use magic and can cast spells.

Before returning to reading, Pekk turns and asks Ekay if he would read to him that evening. He requests the next book from a collection stored on one of the shelves in the carriage. Naturally, Ekay agrees.