With his quest to find his missing brother completed, Ekay announces that he will be departing the village the following day. But first, as a token of thanks, he generously offers to spend the day crafting the Mole-digger tribe a set of new weapons.

With the blood of a true craftsman flowing through his veins, Ekay presents to Black-ears the first gift: a spear tipped with a stone blade. He then assures the excited sergal that they will all receive new or upgraded gear. With all the experience he’s gained from working with his father, he will be able to turn even the most makeshift of tools into capable armament fit for a warrior!

By offering to help the sergals, Ekay demonstrates how agudners contributed to the spread of technological advancements among the sergal populations. Throughout history, it was this frequent exchange that lead to the societal synergy between sergals and agudners. This also explains why both the Eastern and Southern societies were able to become highly developed hubs of culture and technology. And now, Ekay himself plays his small but important part of being an agudner pioneer, just like his father.