A small hunting team of three tribe members, led by Little Black-Ears, prepare to depart for their excursion. Because Ekay’s offer of a weapon upgrade hasn’t been completed yet for all members, the sergals decided to instead conserve their energy and just scout for moles.

Meanwhile, Little Oracle performs her magic ritual, bestowing protection over the three hunters to guard their ventures. They scatter a glittering powder over a dish of water, speaking their wish over the mixture. This spell is believed to shield the target from bad luck, such as becoming wounded or lost in the plains.

– – –

Lore update!

Kiki’s next Patreon lore update will feature an in-depth lore explanation of the unique cultural characteristics found in Sieg sergal tribes! Some of these updates include some minor changes to this comic series. Read on to see a preview of the updates!

You may have noticed that in the comic description above, the sergal characters now have “Little” before their name. This was done to reflect the vast spiritual borderline between a child and an adult that is too big of a concept for them to grasp. Thus, when they are recognizing themselves children to each other, they refer to themselves by saying “Little” before the name. This is unique to Sieg traditional culture and sense.

Another change that is highlighted in the comic description is that Little Oracle is now referred to with gender-neutral pronouns, even though they are female. This is because Sieg children are not distinguished between male and female until they have fully matured mentally and culturally. Until then, all of them exist as just a gender-neutral existence, and use similar pronouns of “they”, “them”, and “their”.

To learn more about Sieg tribe sergals, be sure to check out Kiki’s Patreon and watch for the upcoming update!