The following morning, Ekay notices Pekk has mysteriously grown again. Noticing that his younger brother no longer fits well in his current clothing, Ekay he gives him a new outfit for his bigger body. As he slips into his larger clothes, Pekk finds that his horns are once again grown out, causing him to have a moment of joy.

According to agudner traditions, having one’s horns grow out means that they are old enough to make their professional dream come true. Comic readers may remember that Pekk previously said “I wanna be a cattle herder” on page 8. It is now revealed that his particular dream is to own and operate a Cow Spa and hotel.

A “Cow Spa” is a special kind of hotel that provides spa facilities which people — especially travelers — can use with their T-urchin cows. People can bathe their cows, and then later enjoy the spa themselves with a cleansing and rejuvenating dip in the water. It would be a wonderful destination for travelers who journey with cows. This dream is perfect for someone like Pekk, who has a kind heart.

As my Journal entry “The 6 Vilous Lore Questions and Answers!” mentioned, pure water is a very precious commodity on planet Tal and most — if not all of it — is used for drinking water. As such, many people do not engage in the act of swimming or bathing, and such a concept is somewhat alien to them. Thus, the “Cow Spa” mentioned on this page is likely to be considered unusual, which perhaps provides an alternative concept that is unique to Tal. Kiki’s next Patreon Update will publish more detailed lore concepts regarding this, so be sure to not miss it!

Trivia: Spa hotels (温泉宿 also known as “ryokan”) are a real thing in Japan, and are fairly common. These are a special type of hotel which provides a spa or hot spring for guests to relax and enjoy. They are quite popular and are frequented by travelers as they tour the country.