Little Grass-Tail gestures from beyond the “other room”, pointing towards their own navel. Little Black-Ears understands the message: meet up at the Forest Navel.

But before long, every member begins to notice that the monster is now looming closer than ever. What was previously just a shadow far in the distance is now clearly visible in the swollen reflective bubbles.

Regardless of how the creature was able to catch up, the exhausted Plainswalkers are left with no choice. Despite their tired state, they must now make a daring run for it.


The translation team had a discussion with Mick about if sergals have a navel (belly button). It turns out that that Mick has drawn sergals with a navel many times! Up until now, this was left ambiguous and we were unsure about sergals having navels. But now it is confirmed: sergals DO indeed have a navel — though it is often obscured with fur.

As sergals are ovoviviparous (similar to some types of sharks that give live birth), Mick has pointed out that a navel exists even with ovoviviparity types of pre-birth development. Even in creatures like birds and reptiles that lay their eggs instead of them hatching inside the mother (as sergals do), the developing young gets a type of cord attachement through which nutrients pass to the embryo. For instance, if you look at a baby turtle just after hatching, you can see the navel in the center of the belly! Thus, it makes perfect sense for a sergal to have a navel as well!

What does this mean for fans? It means that if your sergal was drawn with a navel, it is now confirmed to be adherent to canon! If it was not visible, that is fine too! Once again, the fur can obscure this minute anatomical detail.