Giten makes his way to the backstage area where only staff and authorized personnell are allowed to enter, where a soldier stands guard with the deadly Talyxian Actinia. Meanwhile, the Western Vetla Music Troup has finished setting up and begins their opera performance.

Native nevreans pursue a traditional lifestyle with gorgeous opera performed by only males culturally, and very unique and unparalleled love romance style. Their own opera is filled by males gay romance mainly, and all actor males follow the classic story, formed role and manner which are given to each ones. In any case, a casts are composed by only male actors necessarily. While males produce main melody with their beautiful singing voice, females set the rhythm with their lower pitched voices and musical instrument. Generally females are not work on creative activity, but using musical instrument is taught to all native nevreans as their common and unisex culture. To read more on them, let’s head to their article on Vilous Wiki!

And due to their sexual culture sense that is totally different from other race, their every behavior and expression related to romance have been kept as clean and platonic manner in any case. It may be seen as too prudish culture from some other country people. To know more on it, click here.

Western sergals had exchanged culture with the native nevreans in Nevrea land nearby. Their had shared the native nevreans cultural appreciation for beauty and arts, including poetry, song, music and dance. Therefore there are many poets, and they share the culture that protects the “beautiful things”. – Until RC 28, the beginning of world war. To read their sadly fate, click here.