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Meanwhile, back in base reality, the Talyxian Wolf suddenly begins to run off in the direction of Hexnose Forest’s navel. The mysterious Sergal keeps up with their partner whom they refer to as “Zyn“, running amidst the alien foliage.

At the same time, the remaining tribe and the Agudners gather around the entrance that the Mysterious Voice mentioned — a large void in the ground.

Little Black-Ears comments that they could have sworn that they saw a glimpse of Little Grass-Tail when Little Oracle was swept into the Talyxian network. They wonder if the Mysterious Voice was telling the truth, and if so, maybe they should take a leap of faith into the portal.

However, Ekay will have no part in this plan. He is convinced that they need to resist the temptation to listen to the strange disembodied voice. Will his companions agree to follow his conviction?