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As the environment around them begins to warp and the ground melds unto itself, Little Weaver announces the sudden changes with sheer panic. At the same time, Little Black-Ears is concerned about the doorway to “safety” being nearly closed off. The surroundings further contract and expand, emitting a series of groaning noises as if its structural integrity has been forced to its limits.

The noises then begin to take up a more fluid echo to them. Pekk suddenly has a look of bewilderment about him, and begins to bolt towards a strange fleshy tumor-like growth in the distance. Ekay shouts after his “little” brother, but to no avail.

As Pekk nears his destination, the Mysterious Voice chimes back in, with a tinge of surprise at Pekk’s sudden actions. It goes on to say that only those whom have given up the “Eltus Dew”, are able to find “the Nerve”.

As Pekk reaches for the fleshy tumor-like Nerve, the strange branching veins across his face quickly retreat and move to sprout from his hand. He then grips it tightly, making the tendrils shoot across the surface of the Nerve itself, as if trying to bond or connect.