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The environment continues to wrap around and in of itself, violently contorting with odious roaring, loud and low-pitched sounds, and threatening to collapse unto itself. Ekay rushes towards his brother Pekk, whom is still holding onto the nerve-like ending of the strange place. As the other tribe members look around in awe at what is unfolding, Ekay tugs on Pekk’s back, urging him to flee at once.

Meanwhile, back in base-reality, the mysterious Sergal remarks to their winged-companion that they should not be so hasty, as they are trying to keep up the Talyxian-Wolf which they referred to as “Zyn”. As the two near their destination, the mysterious Sergal sees the quarry: A Housepecker. As the Sergal looks upon the Housepecker splayed, with it’s oral appendages regurgitated outwards, they remark that it has devoured someone wholly.