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As Pekk’s horns continue to grow, Ekay and Fuzzball lean in closer to him. Pekk begins to lament and apologize for his inability to save but two. Whilst Ekay stares at his overgrown little brother, Pekk’s horns continue to grow and surround them.

Pekk continues on to explain that after they escape from this place, Ekay should not go looking for him anymore. This ominous and looming dread-filled statement is then only followed up by a simple declaration of love towards Ekay and his father.

Meanwhile, the Mysterious voice addresses Little Black-Ears and Weaver, telling them to no longer worry about Ekay, Pekk, and Fuzzball, as they are about to enter a different “stream”.

Little Black Ears and Weaver go on to say in unison to one another that they have made a good choice, to which the Mysterious Voice affirms that this is so. It then announces that the shift in between realities is about to begin.