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As the ever-so looming hands draw close enough for them to grasp and make physical contact with Ekay, the boy recoils and begins to experience flashbacks. He expresses a deep amount of internal anger, aimed towards his father.

Ekay places the blame solely on his parent, musing that if they had all just stayed home and did not embark on such an altruistic and philanthropic endeavor, they could have perhaps lived the rest of their lives in the safety of their small house, together as a family.

All the while, Ekay sees a vision of his former home, where his mother and past life were left behind in the past. The young Agudner reaches out towards it and then falls to his knees. Ekay reflects on his fathers words, “I want to help people” parroting them out in bitter frustration. Reflecting on his current situation, he lets out a cry of despair.

It appears that within this vision-like state, the malformed hands and grasping appendages from before have taken up the shape of his fallen comrades, all coming together to embrace him from behind.