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As Ekay is overwhelmed with deep thoughts of self-resentment, he slaps away the comforting hands of his fallen comrades, demanding they stop their favorable view and supportive stance on him. Ekay goes on to say that, he is ultimately just like his father: useless and unable to help any of the people he cares and loves for.

Little Black-Ears and Little Weaver are shocked and surprised after hearing Ekay’s dismal outlook of himself. The fallen comrades attempt to console Ekay, stating that everyone there, present within the Talyxian realm, still loves him. However they were unable to complete their sentence, as Ekay abruptly interrupts them all.

Dejected and with his head held down, the Agudner boy states that he simply does not care about any of that sentimentality any longer, and begins to walk outwards into the darkness.