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As Ekay continues his voyage through the depths of the darkness in emotional turmoil, he finds himself calling out for Pekk. The voice of Pekk resonates as Ekay is on the verge of tears. The lost brother pleads with his elder sibling not to turn back, and instead offers a new pathway.

A stream of solid matter converges and forms a pathway before Ekay. His brother Pekk explains that a while back, he ran across a very pretty berry-like fruit. Going against his brother’s advice, he secretly picked up and kept the tempting orb.

Pekk made a wish, stemming from deep within himself and his inner truth. A “person” listened to his plea. He could once more be among his family, living in harmony and able to smell the warm sun and fertile soil again.

As Ekay stumbles before the outreaching path, Pekk continues to explain that The Person took away the red fruit and gave him something in exchange. A vision of Pekk with an outstretched hand is shown to the viewer. Within his palm lies a Talyxian jewel, which he explains is capable of altering one’s fate ever so slightly, but enough.

Pekk goes on to explain and express regret at his inability to help people in the future they have chosen. However, new buds will grow on each and every one of their destinies, including their newfound companion to which he refers to as “the Lady”.

As Pekk’s hand reaches out with the Talyxian jewel, it blooms and spreads out multiple pathways into the darkness.