While Black-ears was successful in dispatching one of the monster segments, the other two sergal children gave up on their chase and returned to the group. Disappointed in themselves, they report that their targets got away.

Meanwhile, Ekay has his own disappointment to contend with. Unlike the sergal children whose weapons consisted of mere sticks, he is in possession of an actual sword. And yet, he was unable to help his new companions combat the strange creature, and finds his hesitation deplorable.

However, there is no time to contemplate any further. Just as they turn to go back to the village, one of the children that had remained behind begins to issue loud, sharp, and high-pitched noises. There’s a problem, and it doesn’t sound good.

Note: the sergal’s vocalizations are similar to the following Earth animals. The “yips” sound like fox calls, the “yighhh” sounds like a deer or peacock, and the “chirp” noises are similar to a small bird, insect, or even a mouse’s distress cry.