The trio of sergals rushes over to see what their tribemate is alarmed about. To their shock and horror, they find that their food storehouse has been ransacked of nearly all of its contents. This building is where the tribe stored Talyxian moles that were caught, gathered, and dried for preservation. These moles served as a primary food source for the entire tribe, but now almost all of them have been lost. One of the children mourns this harsh situation while clutching one of the few remaining moles.

As their name would indicate, the “Mole-Digger Tribe” is based around Talyxian moles, which are an important staple of their diet. Typical of Sieg Clan sergals, this tribe is comprised of weak and cowardly people who are unfamiliar with the techniques required to fight large and dangerous wildlife. Rather than hunting large game, they survive by eating twigs, bugs, and small animals such as Talyxian moles that can be found in the forests and other wilderness.

As this lifestyle cannot provide a wide variety of dietary selection, the Mole-Digger Tribe relies heavily on T-moles for the vast majority of their diet. Therefore, the loss of their food storage puts the entire tribe into a very grave and precarious situation, with their very survival at stake.