With night settling down on the little village, Ekay’s talkative friend suggests that they should get some rest. With Ekay as weary as he is, he offers no resistance to the idea. Ekay is lead to the dwelling that his friend shares with the sergal known as “Black-Ears”.

As they drift off to sleep, Black-Ears explains to Ekay that when the tribe experiences a day of unfortunate events, the entire tribe will all go to sleep at the same time. According to their beliefs, this action is a ritual that helps to convert their bad luck into a more favorable tomorrow.

Furthermore, it is thought that if a fog settles in from the Talyxian forest, the denser the mysterious fog, the greater the impact the ritual will have. If the ritual works, they have effectively manipulated the future in their favor. Of course, there is no way to prove just how effective their “luck manipulation” technique is. Still, having faith in a brighter tomorrow may be enough to lift their spirits and shift the balance of fate in their favor.