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A one of the scene inside the house where Sergals and Agudners joint family is living. These Sergal and Agudner children are observing creatures in the case that were brought by lying on and wearing a hat agudner child on the right who is having case cover. This creature is one of the shellfish belong to Eltus creatures. They have rainbow luster on its shell, make a flock in the shade of rocks and roots of trees at the beach of the salt lake, eat fallen leaves and animal carcasses and so on. That child’s relatives man is cultivating this shellfish creature.


This article describes common features and overviews of a whole of Planet Tal. For further each detail, please head to each specific article.

Tal's technologies are generally similar to Earth's early 1900's level including cars, ranged weapons, and simple computers. Areas of sergals and agudners cultural sphere like Gold Ring partially have an appearance that is reminiscent Showa period of Earth's Japan.

Generally, a whole of civilization is retro and traditional technology. There is a high-technology really only in a very limited place. And the economic disparity is big for each area.

Overviews of Technologies

Technology level depends on areas.

The noticeable civilized area is Southern Gold Ring, the most of every technology on Tal can be said to have developed centered on Gold Ring. See more: Gold Ring

Eastern Reono also share comparatively developed technologies due to connection with Gold Ring, but Reono is some rural compared to Gold Ring. However, Reono is the noticeable region as the place having superior hunting technologies. See more: Reono

Northern Shigu was totally undeveloped and tribal traditional land until around RC 28. But Shigu undergoes rapid technical development through the world war, especially for military technology. See more: Shigu

Western Nevrea is a wholly undeveloped and not-urbanized area, and have only the own things of their traditional culture since there is a very exclusive state. See more: Nevrea

Extreme high-technology exists only in a very limited place like Talyxian-Rooters research facilities. And almost all of those things are not made public, general Eltus people have no chance to see it and most of them don't know that exist at all.

Energy Circumstances

The most of materials that are used as fuel for cars or ships are produced from a pond and swamp areas of Lower Magoe. Because of this, Gold Ring can be much more advanced in technologies of large construction and mechanical technology over other regions. In contrast, the main energy source in the Eastern and the Northern is the fats from creatures.

There's power generation technology in Gold Ring too. Especially in more city areas, there are multiple power plants that are connecting power transmission cables to each house.

Vehicle Technologies

As planet Tal has a lot of deserts and rugged lands, common vehicles can be seen occupied by people or animals as well as towed by them, such as rickshaws and carriages.

There are fairly few kinds of vehicles which can run with an engine. Such types are generally limited within city areas.

The main and greatest role of vehicles is the transportation of people and luggage. As Sergals have their sturdy legs which can run fast, powerfully, dotted with a rich amount of stamina to keep them running for long periods of time, they would rather, rarely use vehicles for the purpose of simple travel.

There are some vehicles such as motor scooters and cars, in the civilized area like Gold Ring.

Some of the people who try to create a plane. But all of them have never been successful due to environmental problems such as sandstorms and radiation, at least until RC 100.

There are fishing boats and transport vessels that are used on salt lake ColVilous and each pond and swamp areas.


Taxi is a common vehicle in urban areas such as Gold Ring and Tesae but their mobility range is limited only within city limits.

Almost all of the taxies are comprised of rickshaw type vehicles with three or four wheels.

There was a type that had two wheels in the earlier stages, however, that type has been forbidden later on, due to the fact that it incurred often times overturning accidents.

The regular price of a taxi fare is about 300 cevia to 400 cevia for 30 minutes.

Taxies are usually driven by Sergals and Agudners as they need physical strength in order to pedal the vehicle that has quite a bit of weight.


Trains were developed by Agudner engineers after the war, with the main railway system going from Shigu all the way to Reono.

They were mainly used for material transportation from Reono to Shigu and back. Afterward, more trains and railways were developed for people within the Shigu lands mainly for personal transport.

In Gold Ring, there are tramways that connect each town or district. Due to the difficulty of laying lines down on the desert environments of the Sailzane, there will be no railways going outward from Gold Ring to foreign countries / nations such as Reono or Shigu for a long period of time.

The development of underground rail systems was found to be not practical, and none are present on Tal.

Education Institutes

Mainly in the east, as Agudners are central, generally, they send children as "apprenticeship" to a hunter and a craftsman instead of school since they were young. In contrast, there is something like a proper school in the south. It developed while Eltus races took care of the child jointly in the south.

Schools in the south are different from earth. It is the existence such as the vocational school where it begins with childhood. Contents of learning are reading and writing, calculation, how to get food, how to hunt fish, and such.

As class subjects are: Language, Arithmetic, Biology, Physical education, Home economics. As for the big difference between the school in the earth, the importance of home economics and biology is the same as language and the arithmetics.

Even if children, often they are exposed to the danger of death without mercy in the camp school. The extracurricular class is very severe as same as such as the training of the Marine Corps. Because all of Eltus races are given the tough physical ability as the beast race while begin born.

Generally, a person that goes to "school" is only Eltus race. Even if Talyxian is in school, it is the rare case that was made to enter by the owner who is an eccentric, or is bred like an animal in a school.


There are various religions in each area.

  • North (Shigu): In ancient times, animism faith of the nature that was originated from the respect for salvative Talyxian Wolves and deep awe for the Northern Talyxian forests and the wildlife living there was primary throughout the entire north. Especially Talyxian Wolves had been considered the most sacred and holy symbols. After Shigu Kingdom had been established and up to the present day, the Northern faith has evolved to put worship for Rain Silves upfront, as time goes on past her imprisonment and death.
  • South (Gold Ring): There are two major religions, religious thought called "Gold Ring" and the faith for the ocean. The religious thought "Gold Ring" was originated from the partnership of Agudners and Sergals, its concept expresses an ideal form of a society composed of the beautiful interaction among people in perfect harmony. The ocean faith was originated from Salt Lake ColVilous that has brought rich blessings to the lives of the people, there is also a shrine where enshrines the Ocean God and a festival that is held on a day believed to have a special relation with the Ocean God.
  • West (Nevrea): There are two major targets that are treated as objects of the faith, the most superior and reliable female Nevrean soldiers who stand in a position akin to a chief, and Judda male Nevreans who play roles as the symbol of their culture and representative of the sun.
  • East (Reono): There are various religions mixed.

Money System

Before the currency system was strictly defined, there was a rough barter system in most of Tal. Anything someone wanted could be treated as money for another item. This was especially true, being used as desired currency, with precious items like copper, silver, iron, dyes, spices, and so on. An adult person probably used metal pieces and other items which were weighed with scales as coin substitutes, or common barter items. Children often used small common items like shells for those. Like Ken, who appears on page 2 of Vilous Comic episode 3, he wanted shells as the toll because he just collects shells as his hobby. The barter system basically has been performed in many places where have no currency system. A prominent example, Northern lands had depended on it before the domination by Rain and the foundation of Shigu.

There's the cevia system (described below subsection) in Gold Ring and Reono, but the available currency is different for each region until had strict currency system. There's some region that uses shell money, and other somewhere may use seeds. Barter trade is also available for those places. Nevrea land and the Shigu Kingdom probably have a specific money system, but details are still undecided.

The seeds of green plants are considered as valuable as gold grains, and people sometimes use them in place of high denomination currency, but their high value regularly encourages counterfeiting.

Cevia system

There's the general idea called "Cevia"(セビア) that show things that can be used as money, in the southern Gold Ring city and the eastern Reono lands. In that previous period, a word of "cevia" was used for something of small and beautiful things that have value enough to trade with foods or clothes. Cevia that is produced as a molded coin and strict currency, has appeared at a very later period. The previous cevia that was used before the currency system was strictly defined can be said as just jewels or things that look like jewels. Things look like having no value like brick debris are not treated as cevia. And the rate of that previous cevia is really obscure. For example, when someone said "this shell has a value that fit 10 cevia!", but another person may say "No, it is just a value of 2 cevia." Also, that previous cevia is not a strict currency, so it also can be treated as just a commodity. If some store is selling jewel that is treated as cevia, people will buy it with shells and so on. (However, a general commodity that is sold in a store is basically things related to entertainment and necessities of life.)

In Gold Ring, a government began making currencies with a vague system in a fumbling way, during the period of rapid economic development after the war. Probably the cevia as a coin was created at that time, and bills also appeared at the same time. However, there ware much inadequacy for those currency systems until RC 70. Then people were thrown into great confusion depending on the results of that situation, and many brawl ware caused for the money and goods. Due to it, the GR government began a review of the cevia system while taking a long time. Finally, a strict currency system was defined properly perhaps after RC 70. ::Note:: This has not been strictly decided yet.

Animal Husbandry

There are breeders and dairymen who handle livestock consisting of various alien creatures on the planet Tal.

Animal husbandry originally started in the north-east part of the east and was quickly brought to the south by trade. Before this reached the south, meat was as precious as dye while fish and plants were the main sources of food.

In the territory of Gold Ring, agriculture developed to secure food since there were no forests and due to the earlier problem of having enough food. The east is very good with nature and does not require much farming. In the far north, they did not tame animals out of respect for the forest and nature.


Tal's technologies are generally similar to Earth's early 1900's level including cars, simple ranged weapons (Darts, Bows, Crossbows, blowguns), and simple computers.

Currently, within the Vilous setting, there are fairly few firearms available and distributed amongst the populace, be it for hunting or self-defense. Members of the Eltus folks prefer the use of melee with bladed weapons over ranged ones as they are far more effective against Talyxian threats.

The lore for them has not been developed and the overall availability is currently unknown.

Hair Dyeing and Tattooing

Common hair dyeing and tattoo cultures are presented in various regions throughout Planet Tal.

Especially, in the Northern Lands, there are the "[[[Red Tattoos|Red Tattoos]]" that is a long-standing traditional culture of Shigu, it is most commonly seen worn or painted around the face region or various body parts. These marks and their designs are traditionally limited to “very simple things”. They feature no complicated patterns such as tribal iconographies, or intricate designs, since Northern Sergals have been doing them by hand across time, and their crafting skills were not honed at the early stages without Agudners around to be able to help them out, given that they were very few in between living amongst the Northern lands at the start.

In the eastern and southern lands, there are many tattoo designs available for Agudners and Sergals. Some of which can be complex and inspired by various materials, such as plants, animals, words, and patterns.

Notably, many Sergals take designs that express a story related to life, while Agudners tend to take ones that symbolize elements related to their own occupation. Tattooists, Hair dyers, Carvers for Agudner horns and hooves, dentists are all treated as the same category of occupation.

Also, Talyxian pigmentary inks which have high opacity and are often used for washing hair strongly adhere to Eltus furs and hairs, this can change their fur hues without the need for bleaching.

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